A bird's eye view of the intersection of a street in New Work - Branch of the Vontobel Securities Ltd.

Vontobel Securities Ltd. has been established as a broker/dealer in 1988.

Services are offered to meet the needs of US based Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs).

Vontobel Securities is a member of the Vontobel Group.

Vontobel Securities distinction is the resources of Vontobel Group including  its sister-company, Bank Vontobel AG, which has been in existence since 1924 with over $264 billion in custody.

We uphold strong values and adopt a prudent approach to risk. Solidity, stability and reliability are the principles that guide us in our work.

Each day, roughly 2,000 Vontobel group employees in 28 international locations from New York to Zurich, from Frankfurt to Singapore and Hong Kong create sustained added value for our clients.

Special regulatory disclosure for Canadian clients only


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A solution to Jurisdictional Diversification needs - our value proposition to RIAs


A relationship with Vontobel Securities, a FINRA (www.finra.org) member broker dealer, means that you will have a full array of services at your disposal including security execution in both the US and Europe during the respective market hours. In collaboration with its affiliate, Bank Vontobel AG, we can offer a unique platform which enables clients of US based RIAs the ability to book assets in Switzerland thereby achieving geographical and jurisdictional diversification.

  • Our transaction platform gives you access to nearly 100% of the global security market
  • Fully integrated trading / execution system
  • By choosing to work with Vontobel, you benefit from the support of an independent private bank with a long and successful history of serving external asset managers as qualified custodian


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